Wholesale co-operation

How to gain access to wholesale prices?

The prices given on the www.yeda.pl website are gross retail prices. If you wish to gain access to the wholesale prices, please:

  1. Register and send an e-mail to sklep@yeda.pl requesting to turn on the wholesale prices. The message must include the details used to create the customer’s account on the website.

  2. After verification, you will receive a message about gaining access to the wholesale prices (gross). The message will also include instructions on how to avoid the retail surcharge. From now on, you will see the wholesale prices after logging in.

We reserve the right to turn off the wholesale prices, after prior notice to the customer, if the orders repeatedly do not fulfil the requirements of the wholesale criteria.

Entities registered on the territory of the European Union which have been assigned the EU VAT identification number can be issued with an intra-community VAT invoice. Please contact us by e-mail at sklep@yeda.pl before making the payment.

Minimum quantities for wholesale orders

  • Fabrics, satin, sateen – 10 metres

  • Tulle (except tulee 211, Ihayal, Vohayal N59) – 10 metres

  • Standard lace – 1 metre

  • French lace – coupon measuring ca. 3 metres length and its multiples (shorter coupons are not available)

  • Standard trimmings, with beading – 1 pack (depending on the item: from 12 metres)

  • French trimmings – coupon measuring ca. 3 metres length and its multiples (shorter coupons are not available)

  • Motifs – 1 pack of 10 (pairs/pieces), depending on the item

  • others tulle - 211, Ihayal, Vohayal, Vogrek, Vokristal, N59 stiff tulle - a pack of 50 metres or multiple


  • Rubber loops – a pack of 50 metres

  • Zippers – a pack of 50 items

  • Breast pads – a pack of 20 items

  • Horsehair trimmings – a pack of 50 metres

  • Buttons – a pack of 100 items

  • cover bags - 1pc
  • petticoat - 1pc

We do not cut linings for wholesale.

We offer a 5% discount for purchases of entire bolts/packs of satin, sateen, laces, motifs and trimmings.

We offer free delivery (on the territory of Poland) for orders over 400 PLN.(for on- line orders)

For smaller orders, the retail surcharge is added to the price.

We invite you to co-operate with our wholesale of fabrics, wedding and evening laces.